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Public Sector Foresight Network

Communities of the Future

Association of Professional Futurists

World Future Society

Association of Strategic Planners

Government Foresight Programs (Ross Dawson)


Further Reading

GAO's Strategic Plan - Key Trends – Strategic Planning and External Liaison Office, U.S. GAO

A Strategic Foresight Library Global Futures Office, DTRA

4 Steps to the Future – Richard A.K. Lum (available on

Anticipatory Governance: Practical Upgrades  – Leon S. Fuerth with Evan M.H. Faber

Governing for the Future: How to bring the long-term into short-term political focusJonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, Fulbright Fellow, American University

Thinking Ahead: Strategic Foresight in GovernmentAndrew Leigh

Integrating foresight into government. Is it possible? Is it likely?Knut Erik Solem, Professor of Political Science at the Department of Political Science and Sociology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Transition 2016: Equipping the Government for Success in 2016 and BeyondNational Academy of Public Administration